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2005 Sales List
A Herd-to-Go

One of our most exciting prospects is to help a
new breeder
set up a
herd of his or her own,
from the
finest Caspians available.
That is exactly what we propose to do for either one or two breeders in 2005,
~~ the Finest Caspian Horses in the World ~~

The Story
Originally, Louise Firouz in Iran chose the Best wild and domestic Caspian-type horses that she could find. She test bred them to prove that they would be superior as foundation horses for this wonderful breed. She chose the Best of those to send out into the world.

The wise original breeders in England, Australia and New Zealand chose the Best to continue the lines, while holding genetic diversity, and solidifying structure and type.

Then, two different sets of Americans went out to choose and buy the Best available to them from each area of the world. They went to England, both Eastern and Western Australia, New Zealand and added a touch from Belgium as well. They bought and imported nearly 200 horses with an eye for excellent structure, type and genetic diversity again.

Through the Best of Luck, we were able to hand pick the Best of those imports to add to our own imported stock. After 8 years of breeding, we have taken it back down from nearly 250 to less than 100 of the cream of the crop from every corner of the world, now including both domestic and abroad.

And so, we can pass that opportunity on to one or, at the most, two breeders in 2005 with the insight to appreciate this sort of opportunity. We are ready to offer stallions that were never on the market before, mares that simply were not for sale.

Every filly born in 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 was sold, most before birth. But we quit marketing Caspians in August 2003 and have managed to keep our fillies from last year as well as those to come this spring.

~~This is how it works ~~

Sale Price is $100,000

For this you get:
One Senior Stallion
Choose among such prized animals as:
* Darkhorse Siydeh, trick trained and producer of superior champions
* Henden Tavus' Frahad, the LAST Tavus son
* Henden Zebedee, the foundation of so many Caspian breeding farms
* Texanas Noah, the ONLY son of Runnymede FelFel (CHS Breed winner at the Caspian Show in England for the last two years) in the US
* Eastern Jehani, our top producing sire for last year
* Lanhill Nicky, a lovely Shabdiz son

Two Junion Stallions
You can pick from:
* Kristull Kabedee, superior son of Zebedee
* Kristull Qite Lite, by Siydeh and out of our prized Tandara mare, Qamri
* Kristull Jewel of Thebes, also by Siydeh, but out of our famous Jewel, who was record setter for High Selling Mare in History
* Kristull Mercury, a rare black-going-grey son of Trojan (centerfold of Horse Illustrated) and out of our favorite, Mihrab
* Kristull Jumanji, double grey son of Jehani and Henden Bibi, guaranteed to always throw grey.
* Kristull Jarrani, Jetti, Rabedee or Savani, there are others as well.

Four Breeding Mares
There are lots to choose among:
* Bytham Sparky, at 12.2 one of the largest top quality Caspian mares
* Henden Phillipa, everybody's favorite
* Jandowae Shahsva, being broke to ride and the mother of the gorgeous daughters Shagala and Savannah
* Kristull Savannah, Shahsva's younger daughter and already proving to carry on the gorgeous lines
* MCC's Khastan Absal Paula, a proven producer of black, she is a knock- out herself
* Runnymede Orchid, a rare and unique daughter of Banafsheh
* Shepton Tamara, herd mother and adopter of foals, Tamara is the other 12.2 hand mare available for breeding or riding
* Shepton Taranneh, sired by the solid old producer Tavus, Taranneh's foal are consistently top rank
* Southwest Mouring Passion, born in the US of the best lines, her kids show her great heritage
* Tandara Etta, her rangy looks belie her production. At 12.2, every foal has been of "keeper" quality
* Tandara Ostrali, from unusual Western Australian lines, Ostrali continues that super production

One of our Not-For-Sale Mares
We have twelve that were taken off the market for ourselves:
* Bytham Dortunca, a Shabdiz daughter and mother of so many winning offspring
* Cheleken Tamatua, alway the first to be noticed in any pasture, her three children are each better than the last
* Costessa Kalita, the "other" Shabdiz daughter available, either is a priceless addition
* Lanhill Khandee, imported from England before her famous father was finally brought over, she was our dream from the beginning
* Marida Azar, a full sister, three years younger, to Marida Dadan, pronounced by Louise to be the ideal Caspian
* Meye, bred in Belgium by Louise Firouz's daughter out of two Iranian exports. You can't get closer to foundation than that
* Tandara Lydian, tall and athleticly built, she is a nearly black daughter of the original Amu Daria
* Tandara Mihrab, the best of the best of Tandara, check out her colts
* Woodmagic Mina, shows why we have based much of our breeding program on Zebedee. She should be crossed with the Shabdiz sons. * Kristull Pearl of the Night, black daughter of the current High Selling Mare in the breed, Marida Jannat
* Kristull Tadanna, flaxen maned chestnut with chrome sired by the illustrious Marida Dadan and out of Tamatua above. A stellar pedigree

Many of these mares are in foal. All of them can be bred back to our stallions for 2006, giving you the most diverse genetics possible to start you own top Caspian breeding program.

Two fillies from 2004 or 2005. I will gather a list of those already on the ground, or choose from those born this year, whose mother is still with us.

One trained gelding for display.
* Henden Bhalla and
* Texana's Jacob already have experience in the public. Or, as an added bonus, we have gelded our very first foal,
* Kristull Jewel of Darius, who spent two years on display at the Memphis Zoo and is a child's dream pony with mane past his elbows and a temperament to die for.

In summary, to start your herd for $100,000, you get Three Breeding Stallions, Five Super Mares, Two Up-and-Coming Fillies, One Trained Display Gelding, and from Five to Ten Foals in 2005 and 2006 depending on the mares chosen by a variety of stallions.

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