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star She has been imprisoned, gone on hunger strikes and remains in Iran to preserve the Caspian Horse. This American's rediscovery of the ancient Caspian in 1965 was remarkable!
star Royal Connection Read about Prince Philip's intervention that helped save the Caspian and about the Caspian's integral role in the lives of Royalty, from ancient Persia to modern day.
star Rediscovery Imagine rediscovering a 5,000 year old ancient breed believed to have been extinct for over 1300 years! Read about their first sighting in 1965 and the heroic and harrowing efforts to save them from extinction.
star Scientific Research This chapter contains fascinating evidence which indicates this breed dates back as far as 3,000 BC. Read about the Caspian's distinct purity and unique lineage.
star God's Little Horses Read about the interesting link between the Caspian Horse and the search for Noah's Ark.
star Arrival to the U.S. The first U.S. Caspian purebred breeding program only began in 1995. With approximately 300 Caspians in the U.S., we now maintain close to half of all Caspians in the world outside of Iran.

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