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In Search of the Lost Mountains of Noah In Search of the Lost Mountains of Noah, by Robert Cornuke and David Halbrook. This fascinating read about the search for Noah's Ark includes a full page devoted to the Caspian Horse.

Robert CornukeRobert Cornuke is considered the modern-day Indiana Jones. He has appeared on many national television shows telling about his searches and discoveries of biblical archaelogical finds, including Mt. Sinai and the Ark of the Covenant.

After several visits to Iran, Bob Cornuke believes that the Ark of Noah rests high on the mountain ranges in Northern Iran. It is at the base of these mountains where the first remains of the Caspian were discovered. This area of Iran has become recognized by many experts as the possible birthplace of civilization.

He claims, the time line and location of Noah's Ark landing and the origin of the Caspian horse greatly parallel. Thus, offering another theory on why the Caspian originated in this part of the world. Some believe it is possible that the Caspian Horse walked right off of Noah's Ark 5,000 years ago!

For more information about Bob Cornuke, his explorations and the B.A.S.E Institute, visit

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