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A Child's Mount

"My Caspian is the most lovely horse to ride and I trust him totally"
-- Sophie Ashford, age 9

"The Caspian is the most athletic horse I have ever worked with"
-- World-Class Grand Prix Trainer, learned to ride on a Caspian Horse.

"You can teach a Caspian Horse twice as much in half the time"
-- Trainer of Hunter/Jumper Ponies

A Child's Mount Louise Firouz, an American living in Iran, operated a riding school. In 1965, she wished to find smaller mounts for her young students. She went to a remote region of Iran looking for a small horse that native villagers had told her about. As a result, she discovered the Caspian Horse, the 5,000 year old lost ancient breed of the Persian Royals!

Not only had she discovered a breed of rare antiquity, she discovered an amazing performance horse, more than well suited for children. Louise was quick to utilize all of the exceptional talents of the distinguished Caspian. The first horses she discovered and purchased quickly adapted to all of the demands of a successful riding club. From racing, jumping, gymkhanas, hunting and harness, there was nothing Mrs. Firouz found that a Caspian could not do well and sensibly! Her first find proved to be more than she hoped and her interest was fueled by the discovery of how quickly these horses adapted to riding, training and any other type of equine demands.

A Child's Mount Mrs. Firouz discovered the Caspians to be intelligent and spirited animals of willing and enormous character, easily controlled by small riders and without a hint of mean behavior. Even Caspian Stallions, who ran together at pasture, were successfully ridden by 5-year-old children.

Because of its narrow build, the regal Caspian is the perfect first mount for a child. Without the clumsiness and heaviness of A pony, the Caspian, a true horse, can provide all of the precise control and opportunity for a child that only an experienced adult on a large horse enjoys.

Its calm, willing temperament gives young riders confidence, and the elegant appearance and gait of the Caspian attract favorable attention in the show ring.

The Caspian's jumping talent is no less than extraordinary as it excels with ease and proves a born jumper. The effortlessness with which the Caspian jumps race obstacles has won it numerous awards in the show ring and makes it an invaluable mount to the young.

A Child's Mount The elegant Caspian has a beautiful floating action and can keep up with full-sized horses at all gaits except the rapid gallop. The gaits are characterized by a long walk, long swinging trot with a natural far-reaching action, smooth rocking canter and very rapid flat gallop.

The Caspian is capable of adapting to all equestrian disciplines…. from English to Western to Dressage!

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