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"I have been driving horses and ponies for 35 years. There is no doubt that the Caspian Horses are world beaters in all fields."
-- Colin Cornwell, driving competitor

Harness Horse As Colin further explains, "Scurry Driving is driving a pair of horses in a scurry cart against the clock through an average of 12 to 14 sets of cones timed from start to finish. Again, Caspians have beaten them all! Recently, I have had the privilege of competing at indoor driving trials against three world champion drivers and many top class competitors. The Caspian pairs set some of the best times of the day against the top opposition which was very rewarding."

The Caspian makes an excellent harness horse, graceful and energetic. It is extremely fast and agile for its size. In single, pair and tandem turnouts, in Dressage, cross-country and Obstacle driving, the Caspian is a frequent winner. Even Caspian stallions can be driven side-by-side. Their acceleration, maneuverability and intelligence bring them considerable success.

Prince Philip's Driving Pair
Prince Philips Driving Pair

The elegant Caspian horses have a beautiful floating action and an amazing strength and endurance belied by their refined looks. A long walk, long swinging trot with a natural far-reaching action, smooth canter and very rapid flat gallop, characterizes their elegant gaits.

Driving is becoming extremely popular here in the U.S. Many participants have chosen driving as an alternative to riding. Driving offers a far-reaching opportunity to people of all ages, all experience levels, all genders, all physical types. Harness Horse It offers a wonderful level playing field, whether you are a die-hard and fierce competitor or if your interest lies in pleasure driving for the fun and relaxation.

Because the Caspian stands at only 10-13 hands, this little horse is not intimidating and is very easy to harness and drive, either as a single, pairs or four-in-hand. And, if you add the Caspian's willingness and heart, his elegance and grace to the formula, you have an unbeatable combination!

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